Organizational Start-ups

Listed here is a representative sample of clients who have looked to Burlington Associates for assistance in:

         ◦  Creating a neighborhood-based, city-wide, or region-wide community land
             trust; or

         ◦  Creating a “central server” or similar regional system to support the
             development and stewardship of scattered-site resale-restricted, owner-
             occupied housing.  

Atlanta Land Trust Collaborative (Atlanta, GA)

Assistance to the Atlanta Beltline Partnership in creating the blueprint for a “central server” that will seed and support neighborhood-based community land trusts along the path of the Atlanta Beltline, currently the largest urban redevelopment project in the United States.

City of Chicago (Chicago, IL)

Assistance to the City of Chicago’s Department of Housing in creating a municipally sponsored community land trust to preserve the affordability of publicly assisted, owner-occupied housing.

Community Home Trust (Carrboro, NC)

Technical support for the efforts of three town governments and three community development corporations to establish a countywide community land trust, the Orange Community Housing and Land Trust.  OCHLT was later renamed the Community Home Trust.  

Crescent City Community Land Trust (New Orleans, LA)

Assistance to community stakeholders in determining the most effective strategy for implementing a comprehensive community land trust strategy in New Orleans. Assistance in designing and implementing CCCLT ‘central server’ organization with three primary program areas: (1) residential; (2) commercial; and (3) vacant properties – with an overall goal of supporting neighborhood-based CLT stewardship.

Lexington-Fayette Urban County Government (Lexington, KY)

Assistance to LFUCG and the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet to develop a community land trust to preserve the newly developed  Southend Park Urban Village neighborhood, a mix of 100+ rental and for-sale homes, institutional and commercial properties.  This neighborhood is being developed as part of a state-funded highway extension project in Lexington, Kentucky.

Pima County Community Land Trust (Tucson, AZ)

Assistance with creation of a community land trust to serve the City of Tucson and Pima County, with a primary focus on preserving the affordability and condition of 70+ homes purchased and rehabbed with NSP funds, while providing assistance and support to the low-income households that own these homes. Assistance from Burlington Associates has included assessing CLT feasibility, developing a business plan, designing programs, and strategic planning.